Gilford O'Brien

I took up portrait painting four years ago following a long career in the design world. Portraiture quickly became a fascination. Less about things and more personal, I have found portrait work to be infinitely rewarding. 

I work from photos which I prefer to select myself. A good portrait should illuminate something of a subject's character.  The best source photos will show spontaneity, an unusual perspective, good light and contrast. They will capture a poignant moment or suggest a small story. I often find these qualities in unlikely, often technically flawed, snapshots.

The style of the final painting will be guided by the nature of my source. There is usually a bit of an impressionistic quality to my work, an occasional fauvist element. Some will be quick and loose, others more refined. Of course, I am always happy to take direction from my client. 

I do not have a rigid pricing structure. There are too many variables that come into play: size, style, backgrounds, time. Prices start at roughly $300 for smaller sizes, 8x10 or so. 14x18 will be roughly $1200-$1400. Please contact me via email to learn more and arrange a call or a meeting.